There will be many articles on using a zapper. They will be listed below. This first page is the section from The Cure for all Diseases entitled Using The Zapper.

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Using The ZapperEdit

1. Wrap handholds in one layer of wet paper towel before using. Grasp securely and turn the switch on to zap.

2. Zap for 7 minutes, let go of the handholds, turn off the zapper, and rest for 20 minutes. Then 7 minutes on, 20
minutes rest, and a final 7 minutes on.

Trying the zapper on an illness to see “if it works” is not useful. Your symptoms may be due to a non-parasite. Or you may reinfect within hours of zapping. The best way to test your device is to find a few invaders that you currently have (see CFAD Lesson Twelve, page 492, or Lesson Twenty Seven, page 509). This gives you a starting point. Then zap yourself. After the triple zapping, none of these invaders should be present.