I'll do this in real time. My plan is to do a basic Clark zapping cycle, 7 minutes zap, wait 20 minutes, 7 minutes zap, wait 20 minutes, 7 minutes zap, done. So I will do that using the built-in 30kHz circuit. For the 20 minutes gap, I'll try other stuff. The 35/65 switch is down, so I'm doing this whole 1 hour zap with the 35% duty cycle.

8:24 - 8:31 30KHz

8:32-8:35 50 Hz square

8:37-8:40 500 Hz square

8:42-8:45 1000 Hz square

8:47- 8:50 2000 Hz square

8:51-8:58 30 KHz

Been yawning several times over this 7 minute stretch. That's good, showing an energy release. Also, the green indicator light is useful as one of my handhold connections broke and is a bit iffy, so I can tell from the green LED if the connection is still OK or if it has popped off.

9:01- 9:04 3000 Hz square. It would be useful to have an indication as to whether one is using the ext or the int signal, other than the switch, as I've forgotten which way the switch works. It is possible for me to be zapping using the Internal 30 kHz signal, but with the yellow lights lit from the external input signal I can falsely think I am using the external signal instead. The other way around is OK, as I can turn off the signal generator and so the yellow lights won't light, and the green LED won't light if I don't have the internal 30 Hz circuit switched on.

9:09-9:12 4000 Hz square

9:13-9:16 5000 Hz square

9:17-9:20 6000 Hz square

9:21 - 9:28 30 KHz DONE

OK, that wasn't bad. It's a bit hectic trying to keep track of it all if one is adjusting the generating signal at the same time. Playing a recorded audio tape instead of using a generator in real time would be far easier.

Also, it looks important to use a timer with the seconds showing if one is trying to measure chunks of three minutes each. With a recording instead of real-time tone generation it wouldn't matter, of course, apart from the main 7-minute cycles.

Result? Hard to tell as I've been zapping daily for 2 weeks using my regular zapper anyway. It seems fine, nothing wrong with the trial!

The iFunGen, cheap app for the iPhone or iPod Touch, seems to work well for this purpose.

Zapperguy 20:37, September 28, 2011 (UTC)