Instead of having a bare audio signal with no description available, why not use a downloadable YouTube video showing what the audio tracks are?



It comes from this list of audio frequencies and what they are supposed to address. This first 9:07-long video consists of a silent 7-sec introduction, then 3 minutes each of:

  • Normalize Adrenal Function 1335 Hz
  • Normalize Pituitary Function 635 Hz [this one may tingle at first on the APZ]
  • Stimulate Increased / Normalized HGH Production [Pituitary] 1725 Hz, 645 Hz, 1342 Hz

How to Use

It's up to the individual user. A suggestion is to do the usual Clark zapping cycle of 7 minutes on, 20 minutes gap, 7 minutes on, 20 minutes gap, 7 minutes on using the internal 30KHz zapper. In the two periods of 20 minutes, mix and match these short mini-programs.

Video format

This will depend on your player. The software that comes with the iPod Touch is picky about video formats it will accept. I use the cheap app AVPlayer, which will play almost anything on my iPod Touch 4G. It works fine with this particular video. Just open it up in iTunes and drop the video file into AVPlayer's Media Explorer folder.